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Mandelic Acid Resource Center

Alpha hydroxy acids are one of the most powerful - and most popular - tools available in the skin care industry. These molecular compounds, found primarily in plant extracts, help to resurface and rejuvenate the skin. Many of them, however, can be too strong for certain skin types.

Mandelic acid, an almond extract, is gaining popularity as an alpha hydroxy acid suitable for all skin types and complexions, giving it a unique advantage. From acne to hyperpigmentation to wrinkles, this new skin care sensation helps to bring clarity and balance while causing virtually no irritation.

Find out more about this alpha hydroxy acid and how you can use it to bring a new level of clarity to your complexion, whatever issues your skin might have.

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An in-depth article on everything you need to know about Mandelic Acid. From creams, to shampoos, to bath salts, here is the 411 on mandelic acid treatments. Still have questions? Take a look at our FAQ section for more answers.